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Established in early 2003, with over 25 years of the finest marketing and media expertise, Xanadu is today one of the best known consulting firms in the industry. We have today gone beyond media to offer corporates, startups, publishers and online ventures the opportunity to create sustainable audiences catalysed with power brands. We are here to hold your hand and take you through the complex maze of brand success.

Our Services

Xanadu Consulting Group is today the best known consulting company in the industry. Known for our candidity and deep understanding of the marketing space, we take pride in doing justice to each and every client. Our years of research in neuromarketing etc. have powered us with future ready solutions for each client. Our neuro-awareness and neuro-understanding enable us graduate the traditional marketer to levels unparalleled.


Xanadu Consulting Group is today the best known consulting company in the industry.

From top management advisory services to re-engineering media brands, we have exclusive tailor made consulting solutions for clients across the country. Our projects over the past few years have included re-engineering pricing, advertising structures and re-structuring sluggish brands.

Brand launches and creating winning brand extensions are some of the projects we have undertaken. Building a sustainable audience/ customers for the clients we consult with is our adrenaline. Our consulting services encompass most industries ranging from media to retail and Information Technology.

Our Clients

Xanadu has had the honour of working with an enviable bouquet of clients. Industry leaders such as The Times of India Group, ZEE TV Lokmat, Mathrubhumi, Radio City, Sakal Media Group, Radio One, Club FM, Mudra Advertising etc. are among the clients we have worked with.

JDs’ Point Of View

Senior Brand professional and Contributing Editor, MxM India, Jaisurya Das (JD) writes on a plethora of subjects ranging from people to neuromarketing and brand building. He also powers a weekly counselling column ( dear mxm ) on the popular trade site www.mxmindia.com.

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