Xanadu Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd. is the best known consulting company in the industry.

Mentoring For Startups

Xanadu has today, grown beyond media and has recently launched an exclusive marketing focused advisory service for Startups and newer entrants to industry. Brand custodianship in all respects is the essence of our consulting. Startups and new brands are most often uncomfortable with large investments to attract the best marketing talent. This renders the brand building initiatives low-key till the first round of funding comes in.

This is where we come in. Your own brand head at investments that let you breathe comfortably in the nascent years of your enterprise.


From top management advisory services to re-engineering media brands, we have exclusive tailor made consulting solutions for clients across the country. Our projects over the past few years have included re-engineering pricing, advertising structures and re-structuring sluggish brands. Brand launches and creating winning brand extensions are some of the projects we have undertaken. Building a sustainable audience/ customers for the clients we consult with is our adrenaline. Our consulting services encompass most industries ranging from media to retail and information technology.

Neuromarketing & Neuroconsulting

As the name suggests, this is the next frontier of marketing and business. Brain science in business is far more than board room discussions.

It involves deep understanding of the way the brain and its neural networks perform when exposed to stimuli. The stimuli in question could be a product, a brand or an emotion associated with one of these. Every race, age cohort is different from each other and hence marketing is soon going to be all about highly structured cerebral connections.

Over a decade of research in brain science, and neuromarketing has powered our Principal Consultant Jaisurya to create client specific interventions. Brand’s who wish to benefit from this wealth of knowledge on purchase behaviour needn’t wait any longer.

Xanadu has formally launched this service in 2016 for Startups and established companies globally.

Understand the brain or perish !

Executive Search

Xanadu is a household name when it comes to Executive Search having provided top media companies (Print, TV, Radio, Online, OOH) with the finest of pre-screened candidates. We have powered over INR 70 Million year on year in salary packages for discerning candidates. Our methodology is simple and works on sheer understanding of the intricacies of the clients business. We have hired for the companies we worked for and now we hire for the world. The same quality, same checks, same grueling interview, all to get our client one or two of the best candidates. No, we don’t focus on number of resumes since we painstakingly industry screen them basis the requirement.

Xanadu as a policy does not charge any fee to its candidates. We strictly abide by this code in the best interest of both our constituents.

Corporate Magazines

Corporate’s tend to spend large sums of money in publishing in-house magazines and newsletters be it monthly, quarterly or otherwise. Most often, designed by printers or advertising firms magazines and newsletters such, need content. And content is a business we know very well. Xanadu is pleased to announce our turnkey solution for all internal/ external communication vehicles. Quite simply leave it to us. We will design, feed content, print and reach them to your doorstep quick. If it’s a medium, trust Xanadu to handle it for you!